Steerage would like to thank all our families, friends, and fans for your great support.  Without you our gigs would pretty boring !!!


We would also like to thank the Beaver Creek Lodge for giving us a great start at the infamous “Hangover Continues St. Paddy’s Day Parties" and for allowing us to practice there.


For helping with the CD, Steerage would like to thank Nelson McCrossan, Ryan Davidson for percussion performances, Trevor Moore, Sash Cvetkovic, Stephen Farrell and Janet McGlynn.


For taking some great photos at our CD release party and many other gigs, Steerage would like to thank Judi Stone from Stone Photography.


Finally, anyone who has helped us out along the way, we appreciate all of your help.  Hopefully someday we can return the favor.


Thanks again

Sharon, Scott, James, Dave, Ben and Rob